aboutpicI’m an aries, which probably tells you everything you need to know. Don’t worry i’m not one of those…but my horoscope did say that a new adventure would find me.

My name is Nina but you probably already knew that. I’m a 25 year old working in the Toronto advertising industry. I was a huge nerd for school while simultaneously trying to see how many extracurriculars I could participate in before my calendar exploded.

I enjoy every aspect of business from the creative components to the nitty-gritty accounting numbers. Spreadsheets and charts might seem boring to most but I thrive on them. My favourite pastime is probably organizing my calendar. Can you tell I’m a nerd yet?

When it comes down to it I’m probably my friends biggest fans. I love seeing them pursuing their dreams whether it be in the health sector, entertainment industry to the entrepreneurial path. That’s why I decided to create ‘Entrepreneurs’ Corner’ where I can showcase my amazing friends talents and projects.

I want this platform to be a place where people can come and receive honest reviews, tips on things we were never taught in school and where we can create a community that supports fellow entrepreneurs. Naturally this is what I came up with…