Spring has Sprung

In four days it will be Spring. The best or my personal favourite season at least. A lot of people love Fall because of the fashion options they get, or Summer because, well it’s Summer. No one really says they love Winter…except for the holidays part. A lot of people don’t mention Spring because it’s the lea-way from Winter to Summer.

In Canada we might have a short Spring, but it might just be the best season of all. Here are my favourite things about Spring:

  1. The Sounds
    Birds are back & awake. You can hear them chirping if you’re a morning person or midday if you find yourself outside. Take a listen next time!
  2. Everything is Blooming
    Everything is blooming  aka coming back to life after Winter. Trees are getting their leaves back, the grass is turning green (after months of puke coloured grass peeking from underneath the snow).
  3. My Birthday
    Well, that’s just self-explanatory.
  4. End of a School Cycle
    Whether you’re in elementary school, high school or University, it’s the beginning of the end. Walking home from school isn’t as bad. If you’re in Uni, we finish school in Spring and not in Summer. I find that these are more like NYE-feeling (a full “year” has gone by).
  5. The Smell
    I LOVE the smell of Spring. I don’t exactly know what it is, but when I take a deep breath in during a Spring day I automatically feel better, I’m calmer. I have the feeling that everything will be alright. I sometimes wish I could bottle up the smell and have it as a perfume.

What’s your favourite thing about Spring? Comment below, send me a message or tweet me.

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