How to Spoil Your Mom this Mother’s Day

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE. Need some gift ideas?Have no fear Naturally Nina EG is here! This post will help you with last minute gift ideas!

If you’re like my family, every day is mother’s day. But this day you go above and beyond.

Get her something she wouldn’t get herself.


Your mom isn’t just any mom, she’s a cool mom right?

Get her something that is totally unique to her and not just a generic gift.  

Here are just SOME ways to pamper your Mom this Mother’s Day:

  • Make her breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Spoiling her can be as easy as making her breakfast in bed or simply spending time with her).
  • Do the things she wants you to do without her asking you to do them
  • Flowers (you can never go wrong with flowers)
  • Spa day! There’s a new type of spa where your mom can float in this spaceship like contraption. Check out one here. There’s always a new spa trend opening up.
  • Nails. Pamper your mom with a mani pedi at Raw Beauty Bar Inc. It’s a relatively new place on Bloor and it’s perfect for a girls day!
  • If she’s adventurous, try out iFly (indoor skydiving)
  • Take her out for brunch, lunch or dinner (like physically take her out and pay for it)

I hope these tips will help you spoil your mom or mother figure in your life.

Remember try to make your purchases with smaller businesses/entrepreneurs.

Thanks to all the moms and mother figures out there. You pick us up when we’re down and love us no matter what we do. Love you Mama ♥️

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