Make Your Airport Security Experience Less Stressful

We all know traveling can be a tad stressful especially going through security (with all the new changes). I’d like to say I’ve had my fair bit of traveling experiences to share with y’all, so here they are. My 10 tips on how to make your life easier while traveling! Enjoy & safe travels.

1. Choose pants that don’t require a belt. (Because you know you’ll have to take it off at security, your belt not your pants 😉 )

2. Don’t have loose change in your pockets

3. Wear comfortable and easy shoes to slip on & off

4. Have your laptop/tablet & liquids in an easy to access location

5. Have all your documents ready (passport, boarding pass, etc)

6. Try not to wear shirts or sweaters with multiple zippers, buttons or metal dangles

7. Don’t be on your phone

8. Listen to the security guards if they are telling you specific instructions

9. Don’t have your head/earphones in

10. Always be friendly

11. Always put the person who takes the most time in your group of travellers at the front because that’ll give them a few extra minutes to gather their belongings after going through the metal detector (and you won’t have to wait for them, as long…)

Do you have any traveling tips? Share them with me here or tweet me. Safe travels this summer!

One thought on “Make Your Airport Security Experience Less Stressful

  1. BB says:

    New one for me: DO NOT plug your phone (or devices) into the plane until the engines have started. Apparently, it drains the battery. WT? C’mon! Like they can’t get a boost! Sheesh.

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