The Real Winners of Super Bowl 52

This past Sunday was the Super Bowl, it consisted of three types of viewers:

  1. Those watching for the football
  2. Those watching for the halftime show
  3. Those watching for the ads

This was the first year that we Canadians got to see American ads (if you were watching on an American network). As an advertising student, I spent my Sunday muting the game and avidly watching the commercials. So naturally I decided to share my top 5:

rocket mortgage (QUICKEN LOANS)

Why it made my top 5: Level of humour.

Agency: Huge Inc. (Chicago)


Why it made my top 5:  Emotional level was just right, especially for a beer commercial.

Agency: David (Miami)


Why it made my top 5:  Simplicity. (Like the Diamond Shreddies)

Agency: Grey (NYC)

australia tourism

Why it made my top 5:  Believable that it was a film trailer and not an ad.

Agency: Droga5 (NYC)


Why it made my top 5: It was everything I didn’t expect it to be.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi (NYC)

I honestly could’ve made a top 10, 20, 30 ads but I don’t think that’d be interesting for anyone except for me and possibly my post grad program. Hope you enjoyed!

Send me a tweet or a message what your favourite Super Bowl ad was.

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