Last year for my birthday I did a post on things I learnt, enjoyed and needed to work on. This year I decided to make another list (because y’all know how much I love lists) of things I’ve learnt about myself, life, and everything in between. So go treat yourself to a piece of cake and enjoy this comprehensive list.

1. I am attempting to increase my spice tolerance. 

2. I am fucking amazing & it’s totally fine to toot your own horn.

3. I discovered the best way to make scrambled eggs. [Hint: Laughing Cow Cheese]

4. I am a chameleon.

5. I have anxiety and that’s ok.

6. I really appreciate honest people.

7. I’m really bad at estimating time. 

8. I’m very much a ‘be brief, be bright, be gone’ type of personality.

9. I found out that I love boxing. Shoutout to Caleigh from BOLO inc

10. I’m good at doing things alone. [I challenge you to go to the movies by yourself]

11. I’ve somewhat mastered a basic makeup look.

12. The last year has been so eventful. I graduated from undergrad, travelled with my best friend, started my postgrad, made new friends, found an industry that I’m excited to start my career in and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

13. I realized I get along with people older than me.

14. I need to learn to not over pack a day with events. Do one thing, enjoy it and don’t rush it.

15. I’m great at powerpoint. 

16. Cut off toxic people from your life. 

17. Everything happens for a reason.

18. Take yourself on a date once in awhile.

19. If you find a piece of clothing that you love and feel amazing in, BUY MULTIPLES OF THEM. (because you will never find them again)

20. The ’72 hour’ rule.

[if it won’t matter after 72 hours, it never did
if you won’t feel the need to react after 72 hours, don’t at all
if they know you’re hurting and haven’t checked up within72 hours, move –wpact]

21. First impressions matter [on both ends].

22. Pros & Cons lists actually help.


Shoutout to my fellow April babies, y’all are looking good for your age 😉
Do birthdays make you reflect too?
Send me a pigeon carrier or a simply an email or tweet me.

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