The past two years I’ve posted a birthday blog. Usually related to things I’ve learnt, things I’ve enjoyed, and things I need to work on. Sooooo this year I’ve decided to post my bucket list of activities I’d like to accomplish before my 25th. Enjoy!

Things to do before my 25th
  1. Treat myself to a weekend getaway
  2. Try out a rowing workout
  3. Take a pottery class
  4. Try meditating (at Hoame)
  5. Solve an a-typical puzzle
  6. Try a new cuisine
  7. Visit my friends abroad
  8. Volunteer for a good cause
  9. Work on my side hustle
  10. Send more snail mail
  11. Upgrade my closet
  12. Have a go-to recipe
  13. Start a new hobby
  14. Write letters to future 37, 49 & 54 year old Nina
  15. Create more photo albums
  16. Go to a luxurious spa
  17. Spend more time with my grandpa
  18. Pull a Marie Kondo with my room
  19. Learn some family recipes
  20. Watch 24 movies from IMDb’s “Top 250” List
  21. Go to a comedy show
  22. Cook a 3-course meal for my family
  23. Take a road trip
  24. Make a time capsule for when I turn 35

Happy Birthday to all the Aries babies. Hope you have a great day 😉
See you this time next year for an update. ❤

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