Entrance Into The Blogosphere

No one really ever knows how to write their first blog post. There’s the pressure of creating a style that the rest of your blog will follow suit in. It’s the first piece of writing where someone potentially decides if they want to continue following your blog in the future. So I’ve decided to throw that out the window. We can all agree that it’s possible we won’t agree on everything. Which is totally fine, because we are all allowed to have our own opinions. This website obviously shares mine. To my lovely readers (hi mom), I want to share with you a bit about myself, why I started this website and some previews of what’s to come on the blog in the future.


Quick Fire Round:
Age: 21
Undergrad: Business Admin
Pet Peeve: Slower walkers/talkers
Favourite Bumper Sticker That I’ve Seen: “Silly boys, trucks are for girls”
Top Country to Visit NextAny Scandinavian country and Ireland..and Australia…and Japan…
Best Present I’ve Received:  A paper-cutter
Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Why Start a Website?
Why not? The past few years I’ve enjoyed watching YouTubers, listening to Podcasters and reading a multitude of blog posts and I realized that there wasn’t really one place where I could get answers about ‘being an adult’ or an honest & not endorsed opinion on brands. Talking with friends I realized that I could help them with little things like sending emails, networking and following up. Something that you’re never really taught in school but is essential in today’s society. I also wanted to share my talented friends’ projects and that’s where Entrepreneurs’ Corner comes into play.

Why not? Why not start a blog where I could at least help my friends. Or go on a rant about a shitty experience I had? Why not? I got nothing to lose but something to gain.


Future Posts:
Honestly this site is never going to focus on one thing only. My posts are going to range from ranting about a customer experience I had, to raving about a new product I’ve tried, and everything in between. I want to focus on building a community of millennials where we can support each other and share advice on things we’ve learnt (that school might not have).

Future blogs posts include but are not limited to…

  • How to write a professional email
  • My talented friends’ current projects
  • 5 tips for mentally, emotionally & physically getting ready to go back to school
  • Financial skills for millennials
  • Goals for 2017


Let me know in the comments below what topic you want to read about!

Till next time,





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