Commercials I Actually Like Watching…

There isn’t a specific reason why I chose to write this blog post. I think it’s more to share my favourite commercials from the past year. Below you’ll find my top 7 commercials that range from products, services and reasons why I love them.

Olympic Inspired Commercials

Under Armour | USA Women’s Gymnastics

As we all know 2016 was the year of the Rio Olympics. Much with any athletic commercial I always find myself empowered and amazed by the athletes. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that it focused on women’s gymnastics, because those girls are hard-core athletes.

Team Canada | Ice in our Veins

Continuing on the theme of the Olympics, Team Canada came out with this amazing commercial about what it means to be a Canadian athlete, with the theme of Ice in our Veins. If you want goosebumps check out this commercial.

Feel Good – Tear Jerking Commercials

Coca-Cola | Brotherly Love

Of course Coca-Cola comes out with their brotherly love commercial. But what I love is that there’s a different commercial depending on your country however at the same time it really isn’t different at all… Check out some international ones like Nigeria, Venezuela and India.

Air Canada | Fly the Flag

Any commercial that highlights what it’s like to be Canadian always gets my vote.

Just for Laughs Type of Commercial

Canadian Tire | Family Reunion

The first time I saw this ad I laughed, a lot. Doesn’t mean I’m going to make my way to a Canadian Tire and buy windshield wipers but I do appreciate the humour.

My Top Two

PC Financial World Elite MasterCard

The song. The adorable kid. The food. The metaphor. It all comes together for a great commercial that I don’t mind watching and re-watching.

Beats By Dre | Got No Strings 

There are a lot of celebrities featured in this video that I follow on Instagram therefore when the ad came out I immediately was interested in seeing the entire commercial. The execution of the ad is great. It focuses on celebs doing “daily” &  sometimes humorous things and it’s also paired with a song from Pinocchio.

Hope this post help with your early semester procrastination. Now get back to work!

Check back next Thursday for a new blog post!

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