Day Dreaming About Copenhagen

For me, it’s only the second week of school and I’m already daydreaming about traveling. Reminiscing of the travel I had the opportunity to do in the past 4 years, and Copenhagen comes to mind first. I’ve decided to give ya’ll a Travel Quick-y ft. Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city of Denmark. Known to the Danes as København, it is located in Northern Europe in the group of Scandinavian countries. Most people relate Denmark to Lego, danishes, and Vikings. But there is so much more to this beautiful country.

There are so many things I could talk about Copenhagen but I’ve decided to focus on 3 things you HAVE to do while visiting this magnificent city.

If you’ve visited this beautiful place, let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite things about the city are.

1. Experience the Magic of Tivoli 

Close your eyes, you’re in the greatest place on earth. No not DisneyWorld, you’re in Tivoli. Walt Disney was inspired by Tivoli after visiting it and modelled DisneyWorld after it, for more information on that story click here. As has been described by many, Tivoli holds a unique atmosphere that no one can truly capture using words. I have never experienced anything like it before. You never want to leave. Tivoli is perfect for day or night. From first dates to a night out with friends to a day spent with family. I’ve only ever been to Wonderland (which is Ontario’s main amusement park) twice in my life. However while in Denmark I embraced a ‘yes‘ mentality. When was I ever going to be in Copenhagen again with the ability to enjoy an unlimited amount of Tivoli rides? Therefore I tried every ride.

After your adrenaline high, take a stroll through Tivoli and find the churros stand. For a few krones you can enjoy a mountain of churros with either caramel, chocolate, cinnamon or sugar toppings. Treat yo’ self.

No one can fully explain the magic behind Tivoli, you have to experience it for yourself. Book your ticket now.

CHURROS at Tivoli are a MUST


As you can tell I had a great time on the rollercoasters…

2. Drink in Public

In Denmark, it’s legal to drink alcohol in public. Aka instead of pre-ing at someone’s place you can pre ON THE WAY to your destination. There’s no hiding alcohol in sketchy brown bags. However this ability to drink alcohol in public isn’t exploited. While I was visiting I never saw intoxicated people causing trouble in the streets.

It’s a great way to enjoy a BBQ or picnic with friends without worrying about getting fined. Enjoy a cold Carlsberg or a refreshing Somersby Cider (both brands are proudly brewed in Denmark) with friends in the park.

3. Walk. Walk. Then Walk Some More.

This is very vague, I know, but you’ll understand once you visit. Take a walk anywhere! Walk along the water to marvel at the beauty of the architecture. Walk along Nyhavn to see the colorful buildings with crowds of people eating and drinking outside. Take a walk to and around the many parks Copenhagen has to offer. Bring a book, have a picnic, take a stroll through the Rosenborg Castle Gardens. If you’re not up for walking, rent a bike and see the city by the locals’ most popular method of transportation. Just be careful! They take their bicycle lanes VERY seriously.

Take a stroll down Nyhavn

Rosenborg Castle Gardens

I hope you find yourself in Copenhagen someday so that you too can experience these things. Don’t fret! There’ll be more blog posts about Copenhagen in the future. If you’d like to learn more about Copenhagen or Denmark, visit these two twitter pages @VisitCopenhagen & @GoVistDenmark. Although it’s been 2 years since I’ve visited Denmark, these two pages always seem to share the perfect article or photo to make my day or remind me of the beautiful city/country I once visited.


We stumbled upon trampolines while trying to find Nyhavn. What will you discover in Copenhagen?

Have a great week(end). See you all next Thursday!

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