Why You Should Send Hand Written Thank You Notes

You’re probably asking yourself, “why would I ever write a thank you note when I could just email the person?”. Because they’ll be happily surprised and remember the gesture a.k.a they’ll remember you.

When was the last time you received a thank-you card? . . . EXACTLY! Wouldn’t you like to receive one from a colleague, boss, friend, neighbour, or family member? A simple thank you which acknowledges they appreciate you, doesn’t sound so bad does it? Whether you’re on the receiving or giving end, hand written thank you cards are always a good thing.

Here’s a simple guide on how to send a hand-written thank you card:

Step 1: Get Your Hands on Some Wicked Thank You Cards

Go to your local Chapters or Dollarama or any ‘card stock’ store and find a set of thank you card designs that match your “brand” or personality. (Where someone can look at the car and see you.) This is a great idea if you plan on joining the bandwagon of sending out thank you cards frequently (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO).

Step 2: Thank the Person

Easy right? It actually is. Whatever they’ve done for you or that you’ve appreciated them doing, thank them for that. It doesn’t have to be an essay within the card, it can literally be as simple as “thanks for the help with XYZ”, or it can be as lengthy as you want it. It’s your choice.

Step 3: Don’t Forget to Sign your Name

SIGN YOUR NAME! Include your fancy signature but make sure to write out your name so they know who it’s from.

Step 4: Try your Best to Hand Deliver the Card

If you can’t it’s totally fine. But it adds some extra value if you can hand deliver the card to the person. Again, it’s something they’ll remember you doing.

Step 5: No Need for Step 5

Uhm, you’re done. Was that so hard?

I hope you guys learned that writing thank you cards aren’t so bad and that it’ll actually benefit you. I know I love receiving thank you cards but I also love writing them. It’s tough to put into words what someone has done for you but the first step is trying to put those actions into words on a page. If you guys need any help writing thank you cards or need some more tips on what exactly to say, my mailbox is always open, and you can also catch me on the twitter.

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