Premiere of Season 22: My Life

Happy Birthday to me! Today I am entering the 22nd season of life aka I’m turning 22. I decided to share with you all some things I’ve learnt, things I’ve enjoyed and things I need to work on. Enjoy & eat some cake today for me šŸ˜‰

1. Treat others how you would like to be treated. This also plays into the workforce in terms of treating everyone the same from CEO to the custodians.

2. Get involved.

3. Always try to meet people in person. Meeting people in person allows them to see how you act, your body language and it’s easier for your personal brand to shine through than through a phone call.

4. Spark up conversations with strangers, acquaintances, old friends etc…

5. Find your passions.

6. It’s okay to be sad.

7. Write thank you cards. (Stay tuned for a post on this)

8. Ā Treat yourself like a Queen (King).

9. Be humble but know that it is okay to be proud about your accomplishes and brag about them once in awhile.


11. Celebrate & enjoy your roots.

12. Choose the once in a lifetime experiences over a routine. Skip extra hours of studying to go see one of your inspirations.

13. Entice people to talk about their passions. LearnĀ to listen.

14.Ā Read more.

15. Show appreciation to your friends, family, mentors.

16. Know your personal brand and don’t compare yourself to others.

17. Ā Remember to measure the importance ofĀ things. Think to yourself “how much is this going to effect me in the future?”. How major or minorĀ is this moment right now?

18. Watch the news. Be up to date with the world.

19. Go outside more.

20. Enjoy the age you are because it’s the youngest you’ll be and the oldest you’ve ever been. (Don’t always focus on the future, be present)

21. Love your mind, body, and soul. (Something I still have to work on)

22. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Literally, schedule it in.

If you’re also an April baby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVES ā¤ What are some of the things you’ve learnt in your X number of years alive? Message me or tweet me.

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