How To Keep Your NYE Resolutions Alive

It’s half way through January of 2019, how many of you have kept your new year’s resolutions? A few days into 2019 I figured that it would be best if I came up with an execution plan on how to keep my resolutions. Of course these are my tips on on my resolutions but take what you can and see if you can somehow apply them to your resolutions.

Recap of my resolutions:

  1. 1. Be less busy (make more time for myself)
  2. 2. Become more environmentally friendly (& aware)
  3. 3. Read 12 books

#1 – For this resolution I had to trick myself and my planner. If you know me then you know that I am always busy and my evenings are 99% of the time booked up. How I decided to create more time for myself is to equate the amount of nights spent going out to the same amount of staying in. For example, if I have two dinners in a week, I have to stay in for at least two days. The way I’ve really tricked my brain is that I count going to the gym as staying in. So far I’ve succeeded!

#2 – I try to think twice before I throw something out in the garbage wherever I might be. I’ve also been following this instagram account, they sell products that help you reduce waste. You can also check out their website here. I’ve also been on the cusp of trying out Luna Pads or Thinx for my time of the month. (Has anyone tried either products? If so, message me plz!)

#3 – So far I’ve finished one book that I started in 2018 and I’m on my second right now. I try to read as much as I can on my commute to work in the mornings. But I’ve also been placing a crazy amount of holds at the library so I’ve now found myself reading two books at a time. One for my commute and one before bed. What I have noticed is that consistency helps. I force myself to read on my commute and before bed, even if it’s just a page. Wish me luck!

How have you been sticking to your 2019 resolutions/goals/intentions?

Let me know here, here, or here!

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