How to Survive Midterm SZN

Midterm season is upon us. I personally have three, in a row next week. So here are my tips for surviving this midterm szn.

Step 1: Freak Out
You gotta get the freak out before you actually get down to studying. You don’t want a freak out while studying. Freak out by yourself, to your roommate, to a friend, a parent, whatever you gotta do to get it out.


Step 2: Lay Everything Out
Get a piece of paper and divide it by how many midterms you have. Go class by class and write out what you need to know for each midterm. From there, expand on each point. For example” redo do all problems from chapter 1-5, Q#14-16. After laying everything out you’ll know where to start and what order to proceed in.


Step 3: Study.


Perfect opportunity to use the Mulan gif, right? This step is probably the simplest one to explain. It’s where you actually study. Like go redo those questions, type up those notes, re-read those chapters. GO STUDY. Stop procrastinating and study. (p.s. reward yourself with a snack after a certain amount of chapters)

Step 4: Check it off
This is where you go back to the paper where you laid everything out and you check off what you’ve completed. This is probably the best feeling in the world.

Step 5: Go crush it!
Remember to breathe before going into your midterm. Don’t psyche yourself out by talking to classmates RIGHT before the midterm. They’ll probably bring up something that’ll shake your confidence. You’ve studied as much as you could. You can’t learn anything 10 minutes before the exam, so just go in and crush it.


See midterms don’t seem SO bad once you plan out your study routine? JOKES, they still suck. But at least you can get through them only crying like twice…

Comment below or tweet me how you get through the midterm season.

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