Annoying Things About My Generation (Vol. 1)

Let’s get this post started with a meme:

If you’ve never felt this before while talking to a friend, I must congratulate you. This happens way to often when I’m talking with friends and they are so focused on their phones I don’t know whether I should continue talking or not…

I mean I guess I can say that I finally understand my mom’s frustration when she yells at me for being on my phone the moment I get home when we’re catching on each others’ day. Mom, I finally get it.

Have you ever been hanging out with a friend ONE-ON-ONE and the entire time they’re checking their phone? Snapping someone else? Texting?

At first, the thought crosses my mind that they might be texting their mom or someone important just giving them a heads up but then their conversation just keeps going… Like who are you talking to right now that is so important that you can’t just fully be in the moment?

Am I boring you?

I don’t mean when a friend checks their phone every so often, but they are actually having a full on conversation with someone else.

My biggest pet peeve that occurs during this situation is when you’re explaining/sharing a story and they’re fully immersed in their texting convo that you legit have no idea if they are listening or paying attention. It’s at these times that I

(a) want to throw their phone across the room

(b) start saying random words to see if they’re listening


(c) just stop talking and let the silence do the talking.

Can we as a generation decide to be present in the moment? If you’re hanging out with a friend one-on-one don’t they deserve your full attention? I’m not saying I’m perfect but let’s try to respect our friends time.

What’s your biggest pet peeve of your generation? Share them here or tweet me.


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